Newsletter Piece for Network Leaders

This is a model Newsletter piece that can be used to inform your networks of #GiveBigPittsburgh.

On Nov 27th, 2018, nonprofit organizations all over the Pittsburgh will come together to hold a statewide day of giving. This day will be a unique opportunity to highlight how we can work together and build a stronger sense of community.

#GiveBigPittsburgh has been established to unite the state around providing increased support for local nonprofit organizations.

[PARTNERS] are welcoming other nonprofit networks and nonprofit sector leaders to join in and support #GiveBigPittsburgh. Experience with such days of giving shows that when participation increases, donors have more choices and overall giving to nonprofits increases.

#GiveBigPittsburgh will provide better access for smaller nonprofits to participate. The technology platform, provided by GiveGab, will ensure that every nonprofit will have an easy-to-use online giving option that can be leveraged on Nov 27th and year round to connect with supporters. A series of webinars will be provided in conjunction with the day, helping nonprofits to use social media to engage with their supports, master the technology platform, and build a year round resource development strategy.

You can help by spreading the word about #GiveBigPittsburgh! Nov 27th, 2018, will be the day to celebrate the spirit of philanthropy in our state. If you have a passion for helping and making your community a better place, share the #GiveBigPittsburgh website and use #GiveBigPittsburgh on social media to encourage others to learn more.